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Fri, 23rd August, 2013

The rise and fall of RIM or BlackBerry shows just how easy it is to lose sight of the goal: supplying the consumer's choice.

The advent of iPhones and touch-screen devices, and the progressive enablement of email-ready phones regardless of infrastructure dependencies has led to a new definement of mobile phone.

Once upon a time a BlackBerry was how you 'did' mobile email. It was that gawky phone; large with a keyboard and wierd interface. But, it did something right and moreover was reliable.

The problem with being 'right' is that you're not always right. Don't misjudge the consumer and keep giving them what you think they want. Ask them. Look at what they like. Follow their lead because they'll show you what they're interested in. With phone users, they wanted email on any device, regardless of BlackBerry infrastructure and expensive deployment costs.

Business can be simple if you open your eyes wider to consumer choice.

Data Aging

Tue, 13th November, 2012

The world has become a place that loves to consume data. Data is everywhere.

Advances in technology and affordable storage means we can put more and more information on computer - specifically hard disk drives - than ever before.

At Glug, we have noticed the gradual rise in data accumulation and concern ourselves about the morality of the situation. When do you let data go?

We're currently developing tools to help assess the age of data and make various proposals based upon its status. Coming soon will be a suite of tools to help validate data and make recommendations based upon parameters you make.


Wed, 7th November, 2012

How many photographs does Facebook 'own'? It runs into many, many millions. Reputedly weekends are the busiest times for their servers, not just handling user traffic but file uploads.

If you think about it, Facebook must be storing millions of files at their cost.

As storage becomes more affordable, is this a new dimension for companies and a key selling point for their products? That is, to be able to store more customer and user data at their own cost?

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