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Create, Maintain & Share

Do not worry about creating large amounts of data.

The right software will make the task easy.

Creating, maintaining and sharing data with others - your clients, suppliers, even competitors - are some of the most valuable steps you can make in today's world.

Helping the supply-chain, speeding up processes, and reducing errors help put smiles on faces.

Data Silo

Centralising your data and linking it with systems helps consolidate old and new processes.

Web Services

Sharing your data with others, and receiving new & updated information, helps speed up process, reduce errors, and create long-term relationships.


Adding software to your database lets your team add value and improve your digital assets.


Understanding your data and realising its potential is easier with tailored reports, designed for your data.

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Halifax, West Yorkshire.

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Glug is based in West Yorkshire, UK, and provides enterprise-ready software solutions throughout the north & beyond.