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Specialist CRM & Central Lead Management

Receiving, nurturing and following-up sales leads & enquiries can be a simple task.

We've developed a rich platform for handling lead-supply and managing lead distribution and prospecting.

It begins with a 3-tier reception, storage and distribution system, which lets valuable leads reach centres & staff.

On top of this we've developed a group front-end CRM system implementing Continual Contact Management, which keeps users in touch with prospects. It's easy-to-use and your business will always know about future opportunities.

Finally, with in-depth status & activity reports our Lead Management platform provides detailed management information upon lead handling and sales conversion.

The platform is fully scalable and can be connected with lead suppliers and other CRM applications. Leads are stored centrally and can be repeatedly distributed to existing and new centres, and performance can be monitored.

1. Retrieve Leads

Link to your lead-generating websites and other third-party applications. Receive leads and distribute them to centres & individual staff CRM accounts.

2. Store Leads

Keep your leads in one place for easy distribution and receiving updates from the CRM.

3. Distribute Leads

Share leads with multiple centres and deploy straight to user CRM accounts. Send leads to third-party systems for external handling.

4. CRM

An intelligent diary system tracks enquiries and reminds you of future opportunities. It lets users record the outcome of contacts and enforces future follow-ups.

5. Feedback

Keep your central lead data up-to-date with status & activity feedback from CRM accounts. Also receive feedback from third-party systems.

6. Reporting

Compare enquiries with results. Central reporting lets you see the status of leads and the activities taking place. Check how leads are followed-up and find out how centres perform.

Connect with Partners

Build ties with lead suppliers and connect to their systems. Share data with contact and other BPO centres and improve processes within the supply chain. The platform is open for integration with other products and services.

Franchise Friendly & Brandable

Deploy across a group, and manage centres & users. Customise the look and feel of the front-end CRM application.

Fully Customisable

Our Lead Management platform can be adjusted for your business and can be tailored to follow your processes.

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